Rainbird 5000 Series Rotors

Use on turf and garden areas where 30' to 47' spacing is appropriate

  Rainbird 5000 series rotors are great for large sized turf and garden areas where the 3500 series rotors are just too small to properly water.

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 has a great selection of 3500 Rainbird rotors as well as the 5000- and even larger models for very large applications. Come in and let us help you choose the right ones for your home or business. We are happy to design your system for you and provide you with a competitive quote for your project. So often we see people use the wrong head for a specific area. It is not advisable to mix sprays with rotors or drip. We are here to help you avoid the common pitfalls. One of us will show you how to choose the right head and nozzle and how to install it in your lawn.

You won't find this kind of service or knowledge at the big box stores plus you'll be surprise by our value pricing, many times we our price is lower for a better quality product so don't assume that you'll pay a premium shopping with us.   I gaurantee that! You will find us very competive, knowledgeable, friendly plus we offer free popcorn and peanuts everyday! How could you beat that?

This information available at: http://www.rainbird.com/landscape/products/rotors/index.htm

 Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotors

5000 / 5000 Plus / 5000 Plus PRS Rotors

The Next Evolution in Rotor Performance

Relax with the knowledge your landscape is being watered by reliable 5000 Series Rotors and industry-leading Rain Curtain Nozzle Technology. Rain Bird® 5000, 5000 Plus and 5000 Plus PRS Series Rotors are ideal for medium to large-size lawns and evenly distribute water from 25 to 50 feet.

Outstanding Results

Superior Distribution Uniformity. 5000 Series Rotors with Rain Curtain Technology are engineered to deliver a uniform spray pattern, giving you a consistently green lawn throughout.

Superior Wind Resistance

The larger water droplets produced by Rain Curtain technology prevent misting and airborne evaporation so the right amount of water is delivered to the right place, saving you water and money.

Superior Close-in Watering

Gentle close-in watering eliminates dry spots around the rotor, prevents seed washout and allows the turf to grow healthy with no matting or bending.


Water Shed LogoStorekeeper Note:
The Water Shed stocks several alternative heads for this application:
K-Rain RPS75

K-Rain ProPlus

K-Rain Super Pro

Hunter PGJ

Weathermatic T3